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CMS Technologies we are working on for Websites

We provide frontend and backend solutions to let you manage your own data through a CMS or let us do it for you and give you one less problem to worry about. Our Team is proficient with industry standard Content Management Systems which makes design, testing and deployment a breeze. Search Engine Optimisation Solutions are implemented to try and get your Websites to the very top of the the Google Search Pile.  When you build your websites with us, you can rest assured that it will have just what you wanted and will look good while at it

This is actually the most important phase. Our  team will look at the overall purpose of the website and how the users will interact with it. If the website will be used to interact with the existing systems then the new website must be done judiciously to ensure smooth integration. It also involves understanding the target audience so that the design can match the people using it.

To accomplish this our team will sit down with you and gather your requirements and come up with a basic picture of the Website. We will then use this to create specifications which are cleared by you to avoid any misunderstanding and create the perfect product for you

After the specification is accepted and the proposal is signed off, the website building can cow begin. At this level any graphics and written content should be submitted. A prototype id developed by the team and then presented to the client for them to give the direction they would like to go. Normally the navigation and layout will be designed at the prototype. Remember the development and design is an evolving process with client making suggestions. These must be complete before moving to the next step.


Have a crazy idea which a run-of-the-mill CMS can’t handle?

Fret not, we’ve got you covered. We will build a custom made website just for you keeping in mind your inputs and recommendations throughout the process and won’t stop till you are happy with what you see.
Right from buying your domain name and server space, if needed to the end product, your beautiful site. Just tell us what you need, and we will take care of the rest!

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