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An artist does not have to think about the brush when painting a masterpiece and that is exactly the kind of experience we, at Octalogic Tech, want customers to have. Let us handle the nitty gritties of the software development while you sit back and watch your masterpiece unfold before you.

Here at Octalogic Tech we’ve built our company around the idea that even your wildest dreams could come true and we pride ourselves on realising the vision that our customers have when they sit down with us. Be it a Mobile App, a web App, a website, a desktop application or digital marketing, we got you covered.





Who we are?

Octalogic tech was founded in 2017 but conceptualised way before. Our dream to be entrepreneurs and startup founders is finally evolving from work in progress to a working plan.

We’re a team of passionate and curious people, from the sunny and beautiful beach laden state of Goa, who strive to use technology to provide the best User eXperience for our clients’ projects. Our hosting, maintenance and support services ensure that our clients get the best value for their money.

We provide a number of services like Website Development, Web Application Development, Mobile Application Development, Digital Marketing Services, Custom Web Scrapers building


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